Bernstein. Hoy 14 de Octubre de 1990 muere el judío Leonard Bernstein, uno de los directores más geniales de la historia.

Bernstein se encuentra con Shostakovich en Moscu.

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Bernstein writes:

"When the New York Philharmonic and I visited Russia, back in 1959, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Shostakovich. And I had an impression of a very reserved man, speaking very little, a bit nervous, and very shy.

I suspect that that is the true nature of the man, but you'd never know it from hearing his music. As a composer he has a great deal to say, serious or light, whatever it happens to be, and he says it with enormous confidence, ease, and boldness. I suppose that's one of the most fascinating things about artists—how different they can be, as people, from the art they create.

The most sure-handed painter may be very insecure in his daily life; the greatest writer may have trouble spelling the simplest words; the most intelligent physicist may be incapable of adding up an ordinary grocery bill. Shostakovich is a bit like that. Out of this shy man, hidden behind his eyeglasses, has come some of the most powerful, brash, un-shy music ever written. His famous Seventh Symphony, known as the Leningrad Symphony—which was written in Leningrad in 1941 while the city was more often than not in flames from the Nazi bombings—that Seventh Symphony lasts seventy-five minutes, requires an extra brass band, and makes the walls fall down. Nothing shy about that. His latest symphony, number thirteen, lasts an hour, and includes a chorus which sings Yevtushenko's famous poem against anti-Semitism. So you see, Shostakovich has a lot to say, musically, and very often what he says is noble, original, and deeply moving.

But this is a birthday party, and birthday parties should be gay and amusing, not necessarily noble and moving. Besides, you should know that Shostakovich is also world-famous for his marvelous sense of humor. He has written some of the most downright funny music there is to be heard"

En la imagen Bernstein con Shotakovich.

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